I had always thought I would only work face to face, but over the years I have found that online counselling and therapy works very well.

Although the idea of online counselling & therapy can feel off-putting, in practice it works very well. 

It is different from face to face work, but there are also advantages to it.

You don’t have the opportunity of sitting together, of being in the same room, but online counselling offers different possibilities.

  • It’s convenient – you don’t have to be able to get to a particular place
  • It can mean that there are more times that you would be able to go online for your therapy, whereas having to get to a particular place can be a barrier in itself
  • More flexibility – and during this difficult and unpredictable time, while we all try to understand the impact of the coronavirus (covid 19), it offers a solution when social distancing has become necessary.  There are no fears of picking up germs.
  • It means that more people get access to therapy, people who might not have been able to travel to see the therapist they wanted to see.
  • If people are anxious about travelling, or about leaving their home it is often a simple and practical solution.

I will help you learn how to use my online counselling service

It may be that younger people are more familiar with using online services, and new technologies generally feel daunting and strange to use at first.  But with a little time familiarising yourself with it, you may find it quite simple to use.

Perhaps face to face counselling is the preferred option, but sometimes, in the short-term, it is an advantage if we can adapt.

Online counselling and psychotherapy

The benefit of good telephone and mobile phone signal means that you can see and speak to your counsellor without necessarily leaving your own phone.  You can arrange to speak as normal, or you can start to see a counsellor for the first time.  

There are a few things you might want to bear in mind:

  1. Find a quiet and confidential space – you don’t want to worry about people listening in.
  2. You might experiment with using headphones or a headset to keep the conversation more private.
  3. Make sure your phone, tablet or laptop is charged and has good signal, you don’t want the conversation to suddenly break off mid-session.
  4. Ring your counsellor at the normal session time.  You are trying to keep to as much of the normal routine as possible.
  5. Make sure your counsellor is clear about fees and how to pay for sessions.

Online counselling is any form of counselling that is carried out over the internet

Some clients are able to relax more in the privacy of their own surroundings away from the formal settings of therapy rooms.

An anonymous client’s story:

“Yes, it was different, but I found the were some advantages to online counselling.  I was able to relax more than I thought I would be.  I found the silences were fine.  In fact, in some ways I think it allowed my mind more room to wonder about things, to reflect.  It was more intimate than I thought it would be.  I found I could remember things in more detail.  I liked it.  And I liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about social distancing.”

I think one of the differences is that when people come to see me, they have some time to process and reflect on the session as they drive back to their homes.  With telephone and online counselling, there isn’t that time. 

Clients may have to think about creating a bit of quiet time at the end of the call to settle back into themselves.  I suggest setting some time aside at the end of the call to do this.

Contact me to discuss further

If you have been thinking about getting counselling or therapy, but have naturally become worried about social distancing and the coronavirus, why not contact me to discuss online counselling? 

Telephone: 01494 521311
Mobile: 07980 750376
Email: toby@tobyingham.com

If you do, we will arrange a free call to discuss your situation and work out what we can do.  

I have been working with people for over twenty years.  I have a lot of experience of using telephone and online counselling platforms, and I would be pleased to hear from you and to answer your questions.