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Life after redundancy

Life after redundancy, what’s next? Though it can be a highly emotional experience to go through, there is life after redundancy. Redundancy can be a very stressful experience.  It can feel a terrible shock, particularly if you didn’t see it

Release the power within you

Release the power within you

Release the power within I use the power of conversation to help people to follow their good ideas through, to help them release the power within. If you work with me in a coaching relationship that is what I will

Coaching and my new year resolutions: 6 tips for success

Coaching and my new year resolution – It’s not about the drink! We tend to pick a new year resolution thinking too much of the behaviour we are going to address rather than the effect the change in behaviour is going

Personal Development Plan

personal development plan

Why you need a Personal Development Plan? If you want to do something well – make a plan. To make the most of a career or life opportunity you need to the chance to think the possibilities through.  You need

Living well in retirement and old age

We tend to live in patterns. We find ways of living that work for us and stick by them until we are forced to change often because of circumstances beyond our control. In some cases we may try to keep

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