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Meeting with Healthy Minds, Bucks, in High Wycombe

Thank you to John Pimm, of Bucks Healthy Minds, based in High Wycombe, for arranging meeting yesterday. It is always good to make connections with other practitioners and to find out what services are available to patients. Looking from the

Living with anxiety

People can spend years, sometimes whole lifetimes, living with anxiety without seeking help. Sometimes this will be felt in particular physical symptoms, for example stomach and bowel problems, or sleep problems. It can take various forms and it can severely

A small change now may have a big effect on the future

If there is something in your life that you feel you need to change then it is probably best to start doing something about it now. If you don’t act now then another opportunity may be gone, lost in the

Three reasons to choose psychoanalytic psychotherapy

One: It’s a method of treatment that works by helping people understand how they create problematic patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, and relating. Two: Such problems usually recreate patterns, problems and solutions from early intimate relationships. Like never forgetting how

Living with anxiety

If you suffer from non-specific anxiety states, everyday life can become very difficult. It may not be clear where the anxiety comes from, but nonetheless it can be operating in an on going way. Over time such feelings can spoil

‘H is for Hawk’, Helen Macdonald (Jonathan Cape, 2014)

I found this a compelling account of working through bereavement, the loss in this case of the narrator’s father. The book is an account of how the narrator (Helen) comes to acquire, train and co-habit with Mabel, the goshawk. It is

The Babadook (2014, directed by Jennifer Kent) – a film review from a psychoanalytic psychotherapy perspective

This is not your common or garden things-going-bump-in-the-night horror film, though there are plenty of bumps. The Babadook is positioned more within the psychology of horror, and in particular within the area of the horror that is traumatic bereavement. What

Getting a perspective on moods

Moods are subtle, changeable, and often hard to identify.  You can lose yourself for long periods of time in a mood.  Moods are absorbing and generate their own kind of reality.  They can cut you off from the world. There

Resilience in the face of setbacks

Discovering you have failed, be it an exam, an interview, a relationship or a cup final can be crushing.  It is not what you planned for and somehow you have to find the energy to carry on, to remain resilient.

Who were you when you were seven?

I have found that during assessments, a surprising amount can be learned about how we manage our relationships and professional lives by considering what our lives were like when we were seven years old. To some degree the age seven

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