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Mid-life crisis, or what to do when the tide turns

It is not uncommon to come to a point in life where the certainties of the past no longer seem to work for us. It can be an unsettling and disorienting experience. Suddenly, for whatever set of reasons, perhaps a

Achieving objectives reflects the interplay of our environmental conditions and our inner psychological life

When pursuing objectives it is useful to try to remember that we are a constant evolving mix of our internal and external worlds.  I say try to remember because it tends to be the case that we cannot remain conscious

How do we shape the executive coaching market?

  As suppliers, it is important that we articulate our perspective on coaching so as to balance and contribute to the discussions generated by buyers telling the market what they are looking for. There is a risk that if we

Why do people derail?

What stops people from delivering their best performance? Why did Andy Murray collapse at 2-0 up in the third set of the Australian Open? The answer might lie in what is referred to as derailing. For reasons unknown Murray lost

Ethics and executive coaching

Executive coaching as a discipline is interested in coaches obtaining elements from psychotherapy training.   There are feelings that coaches should know themselves well before they attempt to know others. Yet, nowadays, running counter to the value of depth, the

personal leadership: find the metaphor that works for you

When trying to understand and change your leadership style, it can be helpful to find or develop a metaphor which helps you think about the way you work, a metaphor which stands outside your daily working practices. For example, whilst coaching

A super picky internal critic is the last thing you need

A coaching client I will call Michelle knows that she can become hard on herself.  She reports a negative critical voice, which under certain situations will quickly undermine her.  It picks on her achievements, undermines her confidence and spoils the relationships

Resilience in the face of setbacks

Discovering you have failed, be it an exam, an interview, a relationship or a cup final can be crushing.  It is not what you planned for and somehow you have to find the energy to carry on, to remain resilient.

Follow the energy

One of the ways in which I have learned to measure the effectiveness of coaching conversations is by reference to the level of energy being produced and manifested within the work. It is often the case that an individual has

Assessments, making the most of first impressions

The assessment is a crucial opportunity to gauge presenting issues. Often I have found that the interventions I have made at chemistry meetings and assessment sessions are some of the most powerful moments in the coaching work that follows. I

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