How to manage retroactive jealousy

What does retroactive jealousy mean? In retroactive jealousy at the beginning of a new relationship, one partner is jealous of their partners previous love affairs and relationships.  Right from the start of a new relationship there is an insecurity about … Read More

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Post traumatic stress disorder is a complicated subject.  It might not be difficult to spot when a traumatic event happens to someone, but it is much harder to know how that traumatic event has affected … Read More

Dwelling on the past

How do I stop dwelling on the past? When there have been destructive or traumatic experiences in our early years they can so disturb and confuse us that we are thrown completely off track, we are left dwelling on the … Read More

Maternal deprivation

What is maternal deprivation? John Bowlby, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and developer of attachment theory used the term maternal deprivation to focus attention upon the effect on infants and young children of being separated from their mothers during their first year.  Bowlby … Read More

Antidepressants and psychotherapy

Research that confirms that antidepressants work is very welcome, but there is nothing new in this to people who take them, or to psychotherapists like myself who meet and work with people who take them. Hopefully the published research will … Read More

Life after bankruptcy

Life after bankruptcy   If you are reading this blog because of worries about your own or a friend’s approaching bankruptcy, or of what life will be like after bankruptcy, welcome. The key thing is to make sure that you … Read More

Life after redundancy

Life after redundancy, what’s next? Though it can be a highly emotional experience to go through, there is life after redundancy. Redundancy can be a very stressful experience.  It can feel a terrible shock, particularly if you didn’t see it … Read More

Release the power within you

Release the power within I use the power of conversation to help people to follow their good ideas through, to help them release the power within. If you work with me in a coaching relationship that is what I will … Read More

Personal Development Plan

Why you need a Personal Development Plan? If you want to do something well – make a plan. To make the most of a career or life opportunity you need to the chance to think the possibilities through.  You need … Read More