Reactive Depression

Do you suffer from reactive depression? You can think of depression as an umbrella term that covers a range of depressive disorders. The term reactive depression refers to an event related depression that has been brought on in reaction to … Read More

Commitment Issues

Do you suffer from commitment issues? Are you someone who finds it simple to date and be at the very early stages of relationships, but who struggles to find a way to commit longer term? Do you find yourself starting … Read More

How a life is transformed

How are lives transformed? If someone struggles to build consistency in their lives, for example: they feel depressed or anxious they fail to develop their creativity and potential their relationships fail they don’t seem to make the best kind of … Read More

Fear of abandonment

Fear of abandonment For many people a stable and predictable love relationship is something that is hard to enjoy because of an enduring sense of the threat of abandonment. Why do people develop a fear of abandonment? Sometimes it is … Read More

Transforming the fear of rejection

Fear of rejection – a presenting situation A man comes to see me for psychotherapy who has a fear of rejection. He explains this fear holds him back from developing lasting relationships with people.  All of his relationships go through … Read More

Are you the black sheep of the family?

Are you the black sheep? A black sheep of the family may feel: excluded, left out of family gatherings disapproved of Sometimes it is used to refer to someone who is different, maybe disreputable or odd.  There is something undesirable … Read More

Why do old habits die hard?

Old habits die hard – what stops us changing? ‘Old habits die hard‘ is an enduring phrase because there’s more than some truth in it.  It is simple to list the things we intend to change; give up sugar, wine, … Read More

Dealing with a superiority complex

Are you living with someone with a superiority complex? Have you been told you have a superiority complex? Confidence is valuable, without it we wouldn’t have the strength to pursue and keep hold of the things we want. But we … Read More

Why do people commit suicide?

Why do people commit suicide? Perhaps nothing leaves more unanswered questions than death by suicide.  The question of how to understand the death, or of what kind of death it is, often remains unanswered. Death by suicide, even when circumstances … Read More