Coronavirus covid-19 update: online counselling and therapy

I am closely monitoring and following advice from Public Health England.

Video and Telephone Counselling

The idea of online counselling & therapy might feel off-putting, but in practice it can work well.

Yes, It is different from face to face work, but there are also some advantages to it.

You don’t have the opportunity of sitting together, of being in the same room, but online counselling offers different possibilities.

Making sense of psychotherapy and counselling

It can be very difficult to make sense of counselling and psychotherapy, especially at stressful and emotional times.  My work has shown me;

  • that most of the things that distress us can be understood if we can find the right place and time to discuss them  
  • that even if you have suffered profound traumatic upsets, now or in the past, it is possible to improve the way you feel about them, and to improve the way you live

I hope you find the site informative.  There are blog posts, videos and lots of other information and links to help you work out what you want to do next.

If after visiting the site you would like to discuss things further, then please contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation.

I welcome your comments, feedback and ideas, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Toby Ingham

Telephone: 01494 521311
Mobile: 07980 750376

Toby Ingham

UKCP registered psychotherapist, member of The Guild of Psychotherapists and The Association of Psychotherapists. Trained in NHS at St Barts’ Hospital, and Homerton Hospital in London, staff psychotherapist at Nightingale Hospital. Trained at Promis Addiction Centre and Age Concern.

I have 20 years experience of working with people, dealing with depression, low mood, anxiety states, trauma, bereavement, and addictions.

Short and long term work available

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